Friday, 30 November 2012

Touch Line Coaches

Three cheers for those who brave the cold,
To voice opinions brave and bold!
Who stand there bravely shouting brave advice,
As brave as chickens, scaredy-cats and mice!
Their words are so courageous!
Their bravery? Contagious!
Examples of the highest bravery,
From voices brave and never quavery!
These bravest of the brave, this touch line fray,
Who tell their unbrave children how to play!

But some would say they are not brave,
Who brave the cold to rant and rave
And bravely yell at children playing sport.
They are not brave, but thick, proceeds the thought.
For who, this thought might say,
Would waste the time of day,
On commentaries of total junk?
On spouting sporting bilge and bunk?
It’s children playing games, you massive dolts!
So leave them be; stop pointing out their faults.

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