Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Chrimblas Story, Part One

(from the Gospel Accordingly to St Kenneth of Chinook-Helicopter, who knew because someone telled him and he believed everthing beople tolb him)

Chapter 1 Verses 1 – 42

Chrimblas was fron a Holy Ghost and virtuoso fambly. Him father (that one) was a carpenter and him mother was a walrus and they had lots of nails in the house, which was a hovel (which am neeeeerly a hotel, or mayhaps a dislecksick hotel). And him famnly tree was like this: him Dad (the other one) was God; him Dad (not that one) was a carpentry lesson; and before his was a father, and another father and another father and another father, all the way back until. So, you get the picture: he had relations going way back, proving he was the Messianic.  

And him Mum, who was called Mum, was a Virgo, which meant that she was. Chrimblas was born in a table, with cows, sheep, goats, donkeys and geese and more cows and some hay and some straw and him Mum, the Virgo, and his Dad (that one) and also.

Coming soom: The Chrimblas Story, Part Two (wiv Los Angeles and and singing and and and shepherds and and and and stuff).

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