Thursday, 12 October 2017

Inside the Sounds

I give up wearing glasses, watch
the sunrise crash into the clouds,
and wait until the sky fades out.

I have no words as all my thoughts
jostle inside my head, displaced
by beats and notes, guitars and lights.

I catch a streak of gasoline,
light a match, then stand well back,
watching the flames from a safe distance.

Nothing reflects off nothing, jumps
aside (waving its arms), dissolves,
reacts, and waits to catch its space.

I walk sideways along a bassline,
displace my thanks but no thanks mood,
disarm myself and swim in sleep.

I place more questions in my case,
carry my thoughts inside a box,
laugh like a coffin, breathe in sounds.

Floating in minor chords, awoken
by pianos, folded into masks,
something occurs (I don’t know what).

I land in silence, walk around it,
inspect its lack of empty substance,
go back to wearing glasses.

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