Friday, 7 April 2017

(from) 'Modern Psalms for the Age of Dysfunctionality'

No.42 ‘Hymn to Us – The Lost Tribe of Isn’t Real

Psalm               (Commentary)

Oh, what Joy! (Whatever that is) 

To be Your children. (Are we your children? It’s always a possibility, I suppose. After all – we have to be somebody’s children, don’t we?) 

We sing praises to Heaven! (Despite being denied access. Let’s face it – singing to it will probably be the closest any of us will ever get) 

And Alleluias! (Alle-fucking-luias all the way, eh? Sorry for the profanity, although, we’re not that sorry; in fact, we’re not sorry at all, and may even say it again)

Oh, guide us, lead us and show us the way. (And then, if history is anything to go by, escort us off the premises)

We, Your Chosen People, (We’re being self-referentially ironic, here: we really wish you’d stop calling us chosen’; it’s utter bollocks, and well you know it) 

We humbly offer You our thanks: (Because you can’t be made to feel grateful often enough, ain’t that the truth? Can I get an ’Alleluia’? No? Right, move on)

Glory! Glory! (Allulia! Or, perhaps, Alle-fucking-luia again. Sorry: #Sarcasm)

Although we are not worthy,  (Actually, it’s bad enough feeling worthless without being made to say it out loud, week after week. Genuinely not funny)

Stop fucking about and tell us the truth already. (‘Nuff said)

Amen (To all that)

...and how it reads without the commentary...

Psalm 42

Oh, what Joy! To be Your children.
We sing praises to Heaven! And Alleluias!

Oh, guide us, lead us and show us the way.
We, Your Chosen People, We humbly offer
You our thanks: Glory! Glory!

Although we are not worthy,
Stop fucking about and tell us the truth already. 


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