Monday, 30 May 2016

‘Shlist List

socialist – someone who refuses to acknowledge the history of the 20th Century.

fauxcialist – middle-class Labour voter, usu. privately educated.

foecialist – a socialist who disagrees with another socialist/foecialist on one arcane point of ideology and who is therefore deemed more of an enemy than Hitler, Thatcher, and the People’s Front of Judea combined.

gauchealist – a socially awkward socialist (see also ‘socialist’)

poshialist (pronounced à la infra dig, i.e. ‘poshe’) – Viscount Tony Benn, and others of that ilk.

nocialist – someone who used to be socialist but no longer is (usu. former university undergraduate, pronounced ‘shtooodent’).

slowcialist – a particularly dim-witted socialist (see also ‘socialist’)

brocialist – meaning unknown but bound to be highly embarrassing.

Quocialist – like a socialist, but in Latin/denims.

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