Monday, 4 April 2016

Speed Awareness Doggerel, Parts One and Two

Several years ago, I went on a speed awareness course.

*Just because it looks like you’re taking notes, it doesn’t mean that you are, 
or, 'Beware of poets "taking notes" '*

Part One: Course Leader Triolet

All patronizing, dull, verbose,
Diminutive and witless too,
But interesting? Not even close,
From Patronizing-Dull-Verbose,
Who wants to give us all a dose.
He thinks he’s funny; that’s not true.
All patronizing, dull verbose,
Diminutive and witless too.

(Being diminutive was his only saving grace)

Part Two: Woeful Doggerel to Stave off Boredom

We drivers, who have all been slightly naughty,
Like doing forty-six instead of forty,
Or failing to recall our cars were nifty,
By doing fifty-eight within a fifty,
Or seeing if our cars could speed aplenty,
By going twenty-nine instead of twenty,
Are gathered in a room to be subjected
To idiotic tedium, directed
Towards each careless automotive criminal,
Thus keeping any future speeding minimal. 

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