Thursday, 21 August 2014

How Did it Come to This?

How did it come to this? Voice One
was heard to ask. All stopped what they
were doing, looked around to see –
too late – a fearsome volley detonate,
consuming Earth, and sky, and mate
   – but time will pass and we’ll forget.

The Other Side did something wrong…
I think. It was so long ago,
I can’t remember what Voice Two
replied, then took a bullet to
his chest and promptly went and died
   – but time will pass and we’ll forget.

It doesn’t matter why it started,
it only matters that it stops
Voice Three imparted this opinion
before the blast that did for him
merged earth and sky and what was left
    – but time will pass and we’ll forget.

I’d tell you why this war began
Voice Four then paused – before he climbed
the steps and ran, with thousands more,
towards a pointless, bloody death –
But I’ll not waste my final breath
explaining why all wars begin
   – for time will pass and you’ll forget.