Saturday, 30 November 2013

Never Kick a Man When He's Down...

...only kick a man when he’s standing,
And, if you really are going to kick him, do the decent thing and
    make sure that he has a soft landing.
Whilst on the subject of kicking men, I would advise that you kick a
    man who is not only standing up (obviously), but who is also articulate, 
    artistic, and sensitive,
As opposed to a 15-stone truck driver who is standing up (ditto), but
    drunk, violent, and extremely argumentative.
With the former, you have every chance of walking away victorious,
With the latter, you are likely to sustain a multitude of blows most
Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and there is one
    exception when you must kick a man when he’s down,
Yes, go for all the kicking you like with gay abandon and gusto
    if you ever come across the reclined figure of a man who happens
    to be a clown.
Such a person is probably mentally sick,
And in need of a good kick. 

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