Friday, 31 August 2012

I looked above and wondered

Observe the sky, the time of day is not
important. Whether morning, noon, or night,
direct your gaze above the tops of trees,
above those hills, and listen to the notes
of nature with your eyes. Observe the sky.

Select each shape, each line, each tiny dot
in turn, and contemplate the voice of doubt
which asks, “Is any of this real?” then seize
that question; make it look with open eyes.
                                                Observe the sky.

Of course it’s real, as real as any “What?”
or “Who?” or “When?” or “Why?” Or maybe not.
Accepting life is just illusion frees
us for a while. “It’s real” becomes a phrase
of dust. We never stop. We will not wait.
                                                Observe the sky.

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